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हाँग काँग
02 अप्रैल 2016
Below average
everything below average

jansen L.
हाँग काँग
15 फरवरी 2016
all mainland people
room is ugly, dirty, untidy, service is worst....... i called for lamp fix at around 9:00pm, hotel said need to come in the morning. they knock my door at 7:00 am , its ridiculous. Never go to this hotel~~~!!!

हाँग काँग
31 जनवरी 2016
not good
not good

John L.
संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका
23 जनवरी 2016
Decent room
Bad flat pillows, a fake double bed because two twin beds combined as a split. The fan/heat machine did not provide real warm. The room is too small.

Bernard H.
13 नवम्बर 2015
Not what the hotel pretends to be
Nothing really good except transport to disney land
The rooms are small boxes without windows. They say there is a swimming pool but you don't have access to it. Food is too expensive there.

Kit L.
हाँग काँग
05 अक्तूबर 2015
Uncomfort for Standard Room
Staff polite, Good scene on High Floor Room
Noisy in the early morning by next room guest. Not very comfort as a whole.

sung N.
हाँग काँग
01 अक्तूबर 2015
this is a motel...
it s not a hotel....just a motel.........

sheryll V.
24 अगस्त 2015
worst hotel
very very worst... room is too small specially the bathroom... too far from the transporation only taxi are near... receptionist dont understand much english & lobby are worst the bathroom are super dirty

Chun C.
हाँग काँग
08 अगस्त 2015
very small rooms like a motel
low price near to the airport
nothing bad but nothing good, but the room looks like a motel room, and there is no air-con in the hotel corridor ......

Hon W.
हाँग काँग
21 जुलाई 2015
Poor Staff Performance, the facilities are too old