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बहुत अच्छा 8.0
2702 समीक्षा पर आधारित

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2702 समीक्षाओं में से
  • होटल की स्थिति/साफ-सफाई 7.8
  • सुविधाएं 7.4
  • स्थान: 8.9
  • कमरे में आराम/मानक 8.0
  • स्टाफ का प्रदर्शन 8.0
  • पैसे का मूल्य 7.7
  • खाना/भोजन 7.7

Mikael S.
17 जून 2016
Perfect Loacation.
Great location to everything. Close and quick to airport. Silent inside hotel and very busy outside. 4 min walk to beach. Great restaurants at the hotel. The Italian is fantastic.

Elizabeth M.
17 जून 2016
Great Time
Great Location

Kenneth R.
17 जून 2016
Ramayana Meets Expectations
This was our first stay at Ramayana. We found the Hotel met our expectations in regards to location, facilities etc. The staff were outstanding and the breakfast was certainly a highlight. We recommend Ramayana as great place to stay

Ajith R.
13 जून 2016
excellent stay
very friendly staff. had a good time

10 जून 2016
nice place to stay
nice place to stay

Glen M.
06 जून 2016
pretty good
this is a good place in Central Kuta... the staff and the food were top quality, great pools. But i did stay in what I'd rate as just as good places for a 1/4 of the price out of Kuta. and you knew you were in Kuta with their clientele .. too many bogans

Chris P.
यूनाइटेड किंगडम
03 जून 2016
Watch out for Televised Sports Events
Excellent hotel in all aspects! Some of the rooms are directly above the Sports Bar and if there is a special event/ match they televise it on the Big screen with the Audios at full blast! When we visited it was the European Cup Final which meant that from midnight to 6 am there was no respite from an extremely loud football commentary and boisterous spectators

Matthew P.
02 जून 2016
Great 5 day stay
Nice hotel had no issues what so ever

Jeffrey J.
02 जून 2016
Nice and clean
It is a good hotel to stay. The room is clean and the surrounding area is good. Traditional hotel which gives you a sense of luxury.

Jose S.
31 मई 2016
Great Location
The hotel is in a great location and easy access to very good restaurants. Enjoy!!