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  • होटल की स्थिति/साफ-सफाई 8.9
  • सुविधाएं 8.9
  • स्थान: 8.5
  • कमरे में आराम/मानक 8.7
  • स्टाफ का प्रदर्शन 8.7
  • पैसे का मूल्य 8.1
  • खाना/भोजन 7.8

13 जून 2013
good breakfast, nice shopping area, nice gandola ride
comments : 1. at the time of arrival at the pick up point i have to ask the people twice to keep the luggage in the bus then they make some faces and speak in different language after then they did. 2. same above at the time of departure 3.MAIN ISSUE : At GOLDEN PEACOCK restaurant at the time of lunch rest.. people issue me dirty chairs after making complaint one of the person change the chairs again with the dirty one again i have to tell them i am not going to sit on dirty chairs and the chairs are again dirty they reply they have only those one then i stritcktly tell them i am not going to sit on them with raising my voice. then the persom call his duty manager mr. kapoor and he told me that they have only those chairs and the hotel doesnt going to manufacture new chairs only for me after then he told if i make more scene he will call the security all this make me frustated and i reached to the reservation people to make their complaint the lady told me i have to deal only with the resta... people its totaly different department. then i ask her to whom i make the complaint for this issue after then she told me to come along with me and to help out after talking to mr. kapoor again he replied that they have only those dirty chairs and i strait away told them not to do lunch their after then the reservation lady ask him to call his senior then immediately he change his words with changing the clean table. All this happen at 5 star hotel venetian may be 7 star. nobody apologies nor feel guilty. if i left the room with torn sheets and untidy beds then hotel will going to leave me with out charging???????

9.7 w S.
12 जून 2013
Great Hotel as people tell
Great Hotel Nice Services Excellent Food

8 Charles P.
United States of America
16 जून 2013
Good place all in one hotel you can shop eat
food , shopping , casino

8 Zhong Q.
16 जून 2013
great hotel and easy access to the casino
location, casino access, large comfortable rooms

7.3 CHI K.
South Korea
12 जून 2013
spacious room , good location, casino
side of the lobby is a little complex,but plenty of a people look closely

7.7 andy S.
12 जून 2013
Pleasant Stay
Nice interior. Casino. shuttle bus to anywhere

8.7 sandra M.
United States of America
13 जून 2013
Something to do at all times for all ages and.
Rooms are amazing and shopping and gabbling.

9.3 w S.
12 जून 2013
Great Hotel as people tell
Great Hotel Nice Services Excellent Food

8.3 MEI Y.
08 जुलाई 2013
good transportation and easy to get around
too busy ,, but quite well organise
nice place to visit and safe place to stay. Too much smokers in non smoking area . Gambling surrounding not too good as too much people hanging around and affect gambling quiteness

8.7 Weng T.
22 जुलाई 2013
Inclsuive stay in a mega hotel
The room is really spacious with approx. 700 sq feet; the beds are big and comfortable; everything can be done in the hotel: shopping, casino, fine dinning, exhibition
Stay at the Venetian Macao Resort is remarkable with everything can be done without going out the resort. The shopping mall is marvelous with the real-like sky ceiling and the rolling canals, same as the Venetian Hotel in L.V. The hotel provides free shuttles from the border gates (next to China, one at the northern part of Macau peninsula and the other is near the hotel at Cotai area ), piers (ferries to HK and Guongdong cities) and airport. It should be reminded that everything is big at the hotel. The room, bed, bathroom are all in mega size, so as the hotel itself. It is easy to lost way in the hotel and it takes about 10 minutes walk from the main entrance to your room. Similar with other 5-stars hotel, the F&B outlets in the hotels are all expensive, even the food court is not really worth in value. It is highly recommended to try the local restaurants in the Taipa city or Macau peninsula.