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निम्नानुसार छांटें

संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका से ALLISON
अकेले यात्री
परिवार लोफ्ट
फरवरी, 2016 में 3 रात रहे
Clean, comforting and welcoming
Clean, beautiful pool, friendly and helpful staff
The rooms and facilities are very nice. The food is pretty bland and over priced, best to venture into Alona beach for good dining and drinks. Slightly further away from Alona beach then Expected, about a 20 min walk. The resort does have a beach/cliff access point to the water though. Overall nice stay.
16 फरवरी 2016 की समीक्षा की गई

ताइवान से su
हनीमून पूल विला
फरवरी, 2016 में एक रात रहे
Great stuff
We stay just one night with villa type, there are total 4 villas in bluewater resort, very quiet and away from crowded people here. Profession and nice stuffs, an accident happens during our stay. Injure by the
07 फरवरी 2016 की समीक्षा की गई

फिलिपींस से Phil
प्रीमियर डीलक्स रूम
जनवरी, 2016 में 2 रात रहे
Great place to stay!
room service location
06 फरवरी 2016 की समीक्षा की गई

दक्षिण कोरिया से HYEMI
प्रीमियर डीलक्स रूम
नवम्बर, 2014 में 2 रात रहे
excellent resort in pang lao
private beach , free kayak , beautiful garden
comfortable bed and big bath tub all the thing about this hotel was very excellent except accessibility to main beach.
25 जनवरी 2016 की समीक्षा की गई

यूनाइटेड किंगडम से Magnus
अकेले यात्री
प्रीमियर डीलक्स रूम
दिसम्बर, 2015 में 7 रात रहे
One week stay for scuba diving
staff worked very hard.
I got dehydrated due to a lack of water in the room. It took, at times, 15mins to get drinks that were ordered that cost more than they would in the UK. I asked to see a manager twice that never came.
23 दिसम्बर 2015 की समीक्षा की गई

फिलिपींस से Shelley
युवा बच्चों वाले परिवार
परिवार लोफ्ट
नवम्बर, 2015 में 3 रात रहे
Beautiful relaxing setting
Beautiful quiet setting, efficient and friendly staff, yet close to Alona Beach
04 दिसम्बर 2015 की समीक्षा की गई

फिलिपींस से Voltaire
युवा बच्चों वाले परिवार
परिवार लोफ्ट
जून, 2015 में 3 रात रहे
Beautiful ambiance and food is good
nice room, good food, beautiful place
will definetely go back. Thou transportation to other places is dificult the shuttle service of hotel is expensive
14 सितम्बर 2015 की समीक्षा की गई

फिलिपींस से Anna
युवा बच्चों वाले परिवार
प्रीमियर डीलक्स रूम
अगस्त, 2015 में 2 रात रहे
Big family vacation
Cleanliness and spacious rooms, accommodating and service oriented staff, great food
Best vacation destination for a big family of 13 persons aging from 6 to 80. We love the rooms because of their cleanliness, beds are really big, very modern and even the toilet and bath are spacious. The swimming pools are nicely designed. Staff are very accommodating and service oriented. They have a golf cart so elderly people have easy access from the main area to the beachfront where the dining hall is located. Food is really good, we only tried dining once outside the resort and once we sampled their ala carte meals we took all our meals with the resort. The bluewater cheeseburger is a favorite. Lechon kawali and adobo rice is a must. Our family enjoyed so much our stay and we will definitely go back to this beautiful resort. Our paradise found!
15 अगस्त 2015 की समीक्षा की गई

फिलिपींस से Jean
प्रीमियर डीलक्स रूम
मई, 2015 में एक रात रहे
Nice resort! Very exclusive. Great for couples.
Ambiance, food, welcoming staff
28 मई 2015 की समीक्षा की गई

ऑस्ट्रिया से Heinz
प्रीमियर डीलक्स रूम
जनवरी, 2015 में एक रात रहे
fantastic resort
fantastic pool.big nice room..delicious food
It was fantastic experience. .nice pool. the staff very friendly
02 मार्च 2015 की समीक्षा की गई





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